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Title : S/RES/1730 : General issues relating to sanctions




 2006年6月22日付議長声明 S/PRST/2006/28 を想起し、

  1. 本決議付属文書におけるリスト削除手続きを採択し、事務総長に対し事務局(安全保障理事会付属組織支局;Security Council Subsidiary Organs Branch)内にリスト削除要請を受領し、付属文書において記述された任務を実施することを管掌する担当局(focal point)を設置することを要請する。
  2. 決議第1718号(2006)・決議第1636号(2005)・決議第1591号(2005)・決議第1572号(2004)・決議第1533号(2004)・決議第1521号(2005)・決議第1518号(2003)・決議第1267号(1999)・決議第1132号(1997)・決議第918号(1994)・決議第751号(1992)に基づき設置されたものを含む安全保障理事会によって設置された制裁委員会に対しそれぞれの指針を改定することを命令する。
  3. この問題に引き続き積極的に取り組むことを決定する。



 The Security Council requests the Secretary-General to establish, within the Secretariat (Security Council Subsidiary Organs Branch), a focal point to receive de-listing requests. Petitioners seeking to submit a request for de-listing can do so either through the focal point process outlined below or through their state of residence or citizenship.

 The focal point will perform the following tasks:

  1. Receive de-listing requests from a petitioner (individual(s), groups, undertakings, and/or entities on the Sanctions Committee’s lists).
  2. Verify if the request is new or is a repeated request.
  3. If it is a repeated request and if it does not contain any additional information, return it to the petitioner.
  4. Acknowledge receipt of the request to the petitioner and inform the petitioner on the general procedure for processing that request.
  5. Forward the request, for their information and possible comments to the designating government(s) and to the government(s) of citizenship and residence. Those governments are encouraged to consult with the designating Government(s) before recommending de-listing. To this end, they may approach the focal point, which, if the designating state(s) so agree(s), will put them in contact with the designating state(s).
    1. If, after these consultations, any of these governments recommend de-listing, that government will forward its recommendation, either through the focal point or directly to the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee, accompanied by that government’s explanation. The Chairman will then place the de-listing request on the Committee’s agenda.
    2. If any of the Governments, which were consulted on the de-listing request under paragraph 5 above oppose the request, the focal point will so inform the Committee and provide copies of the de-listing request. Any member of the Committee, which possesses information in support of the de-listing request, is encouraged to share such information with the governments that reviewed the de-listing request under paragraph 5 above.
    3. If, after a reasonable time (3 months), none of the governments which reviewed the de-listing request under paragraph 5 above comment, or indicate that they are working on the de-listing request to the Committee and require an additional definite period of time, the focal point will so notify all members of the Committee and provide copies of the de-listing request. Any member of the Committee may, after consultation with the designating government(s), recommend de-listing by forwarding the request to the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee, accompanied by an explanation. (Only one member of the Committee needs to recommend de-listing in order to place the issue on the Committee’s agenda.) If after one month, no Committee member recommends de-listing, then it shall be deemed rejected and the Chairman of the Committee shall inform the focal point accordingly.
  6. The focal point shall convey all communications, which it receives from Member States, to the Committee for its information.
  7. Inform the petitioner:
    1. Of the decision of the Sanctions Committee to grant the de-listing petition; or
    2. That the process of consideration of the de-listing request within the Committee has been completed and that the petitioner remains on the list of the Committee.

 * A State can decide, that as a rule, its citizens or residents should address their de-listing requests directly to the focal point. The State will do so by a declaration addressed to the Chairman of the Committee that will be published on the Committee’s website.

Updated : 2006/12/20